Greyhound Video For The Masses

In the interest in creating a highway travel site that will appeal to the masses, I went to Youtube to research the types of videos that the general public wants to view when they lookup Greyhound Bus videos. I’ve got to say, General Public, you people are a bunch of sick, cynical freaks! Gruesome murders, disgusting bus sex, mass carnage disasters and the Federal Government arresting people make up around 95% of the top 40 videos with the tags “Greyhound Bus Ride”

It should be acknowledged up front, Greyhound Corporate maintains a strict policy against any film, video or photography in their terminals and on their busses. A bus driver told me once (after she caught me making a short video on my smart phone,) that is distracting for the driver and puts the entire bus at risk. I think that is a load of hound turd. The truth is that Greyhound does not want people to see visual proof of what a clusterfuck their operations can be at times. Most people want to see the horror and grotesque clips, rather than Uncle Morty talking over rolling footage of the corn in Nebraska. There are no videos of cute kittens riding the Greyhound, but there are clips of beheadings, bus head, bridge collapses and The Border Patrol. These are the Greyhound Bus Videos that people want to see

Beheading of Tim McLean:
In 2008, a Canadian Greyhound bus was the site of a gruesome beheading. The news was broadcast across the world, because of the particular and additional gruesomeness of the murder. Tim McLean was a 22 year old carnival worker who was returning to his small town in Manitoba to visit his family and friends. Instead he was decapitated and cannibalized by a schizophrenic Chinese immigrant named Vince Weiguang Li, who was suffering from a psychotic episode. The cannibal and his victim had never met prior to the incident, and of course it happened in the row in front of the toilet, where all of the freaks sit. The victim was sleeping against the window with his headphones on, when the cannibal pulled out a “Rambo-like knife” and began stabbing him in the neck and chest. After all of the passengers fled the bus, the cannibal cut off his victims head and consumed his eyes and a chunk of his heart. Since this murder happened in Canada, the cannibal was found not criminally responsible for the killing. Li got remanded to a psych facility, and he is currently allowed to visit his hometown. It won’t be long before he is back on the streets and back on a Greyhound. At least, he’s stuck in Canada. This crime has generated millions of Youtube views, and it is by far the most sought out Greyhound video on Youtube.

Evil Knievel jumps 14 Greyhound Busses – 1975:
I actually remember this from when I was little kid. Evil Knievel was one of my first heroes, between kindergarten and 2nd grade. He was on ABC’s Wide World of Sorts, and this was actually the most viewed episode ever. He successfully jumped 14 Greyhound busses (133 Feet!) Pretty rad! It was one of the few times that his successful jump didn’t conclude with a crash and broken bones, and it was his personal longest jump that didn’t end in a crash. The record jump (for Greyhound busses on a Harley Davidson) lasted until 1999, when some asshole named Bubba Blackwell became the Roger Maris of daredevils by breaking The Evil One’s record.

Caught Getting Head on a Greyhound Bus???:
You know, I’m not sure if it’s head or a woman resting her head on his lap. I’ve personally never seen anyone giving or receiving anything on a Greyhound, but anything is possible with a blanket. The dude filming it is a total dweeb. Why would you even film it. All I have to say is, if she is giving him a hummer, I hope he had just begun his ride. If he’s been on the bus for a few days already, that would be nasty for everyone around. Thee is a reason that people don’t brag about being a member of the “Three Steps Club.”

The Sunshine Skyway Bridge Disaster (Tampa, FL – 1980)
People love disaster, so it makes sense that the greatest Greyhound Bus disaster hovers near the top of the list. In 1980, Tampa Bay’s Sunshine Skyway Bridge collapsed when a large boat named the Summit Venture crashed into a column of the bridge. A huge chunk of the bridge collapsed, and over 1000 feet of roadway, collapsed into the bay. Eight vehicles plunged into the water, including a Greyhound Bus. All 35 of the bus passengers perished, and it is the biggest disaster in Greyhound history.

Police Brutality at Denver Greyhound Terminal: This is actually a pretty funny video. The dude gets taken out with a rear naked choke hold. From the look of things, the guy deserved it. If I had the opportunity, I would definitely film and post it. These days, filming scenes like this in a Greyhound terminal can and will not only get you potentially get you kicked off your ride, but also get you arrested for trespassing. Greyhound definitely doesn’t want video like this to be posted. I’ve had Greyhound employees warn me about filming, but this is a video worth missing a ride for.

Border Patrol Arrest Passengers in Northern U.S.
These events happen fairly often during rides that run through border cities. I have dealt with Border Patrol check points in California, Arizona, New Mexico and Texas, in the south. I’d say someone gets arrested or removed due to immigration or paperwork issues about fifty percent of the time.

Crossing into Canada on Greyhound Border Patrol check:
I’ve traveled by Greyhound to Montreal once, and I remember being taken into secondary here. Everybody gets off of the bus and goes through a quick interview process. As I recall, they may have gone through one of my bags, but I think it was more of a “Why are/were you here?” “Anything to declare?” I’ve definitely heard of people getting busted for drugs, while crossing the border. If you have anything, even a single pill, or half a joint, you have a very real chance of being caught and arrested.

Greyhound Bus On Fire!
AWESOME!!! As you can hear in the background, everybody is having a great time, watching and filming the bus on fire. It had a pretty good flame on it, too. I bet they purchased insurance for their bag, like I do, because if that bus blows up, everybody’s luggage goes with it. If I were in a situation like this, I would take advantage of the break, stretch, enjoy a smoke and gather some video footage. I would definitely prefer a large fire, but odds are better that you will encounter the next popular Greyhound video.

Man Possibly Masturbating on Greyhound Bus: (From the producer of “Bus Head???”)
I didn’t even watch this video. I ride the bus, and I know the freaks who share the car with me, and I have a pretty good idea of who rode the bus prior to my coming aboard. I don’t want this image to enter my mind. It’s a part of staying positive. Of course, over 100,000 people disagree with me and watched the video. P.T. Barnum would be proud.

EXTRA BONUS!! Girl Makes Boobs Move On Greyhound Bus!
I’m sure this girl’s father is so proud of his little angel. Actually, this is a harmless video. The title and the still photo are good enough to generate 100,000 views. I like that it shows video proof of cute women actually ride on Greyhound. I’ll do my best to bring you more bouncing boob videos in the future.

I guess what this shows is that the video preferences of people who view Greyhound videos are pretty close to any other average American’s preferences: Sex, drugs and violence. Well, if there’s going to be any of that stuff happening on the bus, I’ll probably be in the middle of it anyhow, and I’ll definitely keep my eyes open for more of the gritty stuff in my future rides. That’s why I always bring an extra charged up tablet.


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